POWERMETRICS© is the POWERGROUP‘s standardized tool to continuously monitor and benchmark brand development. POWERMETRICS is a web-based perceptual brand analysis technique for the evaluation of brand positioning and communicative effects. Advantages of POWERMETRICS©:
  • Internationality: Covers world-wide internet communications
  • Efficiency: Significant cost and time savings
  • Up-to-date: Data can be updated daily to cover the most recent trends


Semiometry is a method for determining the value profiles of brands, products and target groups as well as the image of a brand or a product. A semiotic analysis is impartial. It involves no subjective and preferential judgements, focussing instead on decoding the brand’s characteristics as seen in the market place.

Semiometry, which has been further developed by the POWERGROUP and extended to marketing and sales, is based on the assumption that value concepts and specific attitudes of people can be mapped and measured through the assessment of descriptive terms. The results of the semiotic analysis are thereby located in a semiometric space. The space spans two polar dimensions which represent the basic dimensions of human motives which structure our perception of the world.


The Business Design Thinking process focuses on an innovative and profitable business model.

Creativity is the source of the thought process which ultimately leads to creative ideas. This “Eureka” moment brings information, knowledge and experience into the creative process and can thus help to achieve strategic business goals.

The different approach from the strategic and the creative sector, which is completely detached from any constraints, leads to the convergence of these two points and thus serves the development of concepts and their visualisation.